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to use

Its graphic concept and design is easy to understand for the management of its functions.



Acquiring the App all s are free, guaranteeing that you will be at the forefront of technology.



We offer you the ideal support for any circumstance that comes your way with our live chat system.

App Ringow

Chats and calls in progress


The App is designed to interact with your customers, through calls and chat, which allows for better communication between the parties, and that no relevant data is escaped to support, advice or, why not, close that important business to your business. Our APP allows you more transmission and confidence when talking with your customers.

Ringow llamadas

You will never miss a call from your website!

Ringow® will never allow you to disconnect with your customers no matter how far you are, since you have an internet connection, you will be able to answer any call that you enter through your web platform, previously integrated with Ringow® Web, and thus you will keep the best Follow up with your customers.

Vista de llamadas perdidas y llamadas finalizadas

View missed calls and finished calls


You can see missed calls and completed calls on your device, know why one was lost. Verify if the information offered by the advisor to your client was correct according to the optimal time in response, so that the operability is not separated from its work. This way you manage times better and what information your customers left.

Vista de llamadas perdidas y llamadas finalizadas

Incoming call notifications

If you are taking a nap, don't miss that call!

Ringow® App will notify you for each incoming call to the platform. Do not worry, if 10 calls come in at a time, when you answer one, you will give the opportunity for other advisors to answer.

Check how many visits your website receives

Check if the traffic to your website is ideal, and that these marketing campaigns pay off. Monitor how many customers entered and if the reason was correct, to continue harvesting customers in heaps and that your company continues to grow to unimaginable levels.


Possibility of getting online and offline


We know that there are hours that are necessary to rest and let the ideas rest, so you can pause your activity by placing the App in the Offline state, when you return to the activity you put the Online App again.

App Ringow
Vista de llamadas perdidas y llamadas finalizadas



If the chat and calls are not enough to close the sale, or provide better support, Ringow® App will offer you the option of connecting a video call with your client and so you can be ver you want without losing the opportunity to know who you are talking to, and Continue to advise your client.