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We are a creation of the Grupo NW holding company, a company specialized in high-impact technological developments worldwide.

We focus our knowledge on conducting a corporate chat that allows us to connect customer service with your products, making communication the basis for the success of your organization.

Why do your customers need a chat?

Every day the competition of companies that offer the same product or service is greater, although there are variations and better versions, customers are demanding and expect more.


The basis of the success of all organizations today is to offer added value to customers and treat them exclusively. Our interactive chat for your clients, has the following characteristics:

Global Reach:

It allows you to get in touch with anyone on the planet in a few seconds. Your collaborators can share proposals, ideas and projects with clients no matter they are.

Alcance global
Adquisición de nuevos clientes

New customers:

Thanks to its communicative component and the possibility of sharing and viewing files or proposals, it facilitates the client-company relationship, opening the possibilities of immediate and satisfactory response.

Be ubiquitous:

With Ringow® chat you may be any in the world and get in touch with your customers regardless of distance.

Permite la ubicuidad

The advancement in mobile technology allows you to connect by videoconference from your Tablet, iPhone, Smartphone. With all these technological advantages of globalization you can conquer other niche markets.

fundación Red de Árboles

NW Group donates 10% of its profits


Remember that for each user who registers on our website, NW Group donates 10% to the Red de Niños Foundation.

Netwoods Foundation is the business daughter of the NW Group and works as a social and environmental responsibility, for the conservation of erosion zones by action of man or nature, in different parts of the country.

We are committed to the environment and know that together we will achieve a significant change.