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Show notifications from real people to increase your conversions and credibility.

Pruebas sociales

The easiest way to increase sales and registration and purchase conversions, showing recent orders and users on your website. Build credibility to visitors, save on their acquisition because the cost of marketing will decrease as your potential customers will become real records ...
With only 1 line of code!

Unlimited possibilities

Customize your widget according to your needs.

opciones prueba social


Customize your widget

Edit and personalize data such as: {name}, {company} and {} the location of your visitor automatically.

Automatic data capture

Simply put the url of your website to perform the conversion, we will take care of the rest.


opciones prueba social
opciones prueba social


Powerful Analytics

Automatically collect impressions, clicks, customers, committed visitors, and much more.

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Provide credibility to your customers

Shows the number of people who have purchased your product or service on your site.

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icono Prueba social
icono Prueba social

Live visitor count

Shows the number of people currently on your website.

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Live streaming of real visitors

Increase the trust of your customers with the activity of real people who have recently interacted on your site.

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