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Chat and talk with your clients From your free website


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Chat with your customers easy and simple, from your PC, iOS or Android cell phone.

Video calls

Support and online attention by video call in real time.

Free calls

Start voice calls with your customers for free.


Connect more quickly with automatic messages.


Ringow is the corporate instant messaging service for your website developed by Grupo Nw. Ringow has been developed with point-to-point encryption technology, as well as anti-spam, anti-malware and data leak prevention systems, to ensure the protection and confidentiality of conversations. We are the best contact alternative in your website and internal applications.

Image PC and mobile

No facilities, easy and fast!

Chat and ChatBot

You will be able to interact with your clients, with the ease of reaching different parts of the world, responding to the concerns of those who are interested in your products and / or services.

Chat on the phone

Video calls and video call programming

Through this tool you can connect with your customers by combining chat and video at the same time, with excellent resolution, with the possibility of sharing files and giving a different experience to your customers.

Mobile video calls and PC

Voice calls

Just one click you will have the possibility to communicate quickly and effectively with your client without any additional cost, providing all communication options in a single tool

Cellular and portable voice calls

Send messages to visitors to your website

You can connect more directly to the clients that enter your web portal and make your visit an unforgettable experience, program personalized messages so as not to make them wait

In real time you can see who is visiting your site, in the same way you can communicate with them, see their location on the map and know what they are looking at.

People connected in the world

Reports in real time

This chat like all our products is measurable, it handles reports that will allow to see the efficiency of the chat in your company

Through this tool you can have an exact detail of the productivity of your company.

Reports in real time


Live Chat

Chat with your customers easy and simple, from your PC, iOS or Android cell phone.

Free calls

Visitors can call you from your website without cost and without facilities!

Automatic Contact

A multi-platform contact form will be automatically created

Video calls

Your clients will be able to initiate video calls with you, creating greater confidence, safe sale!

Multi platform

All options can be displayed on any Android device, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, PC, Mac, Linux.

Statistics and Reports

Analyze the evolution of the chat by means of statistics generated by the software.

Automatic translator

The chat recognizes the language and performs automatic translation, no matter the country. Communication without limits!


You can collect contact information from visitors with the help of scheduled questions.


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Social responsability

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